Buddhist Tourist Destinations

Buddhism is said to be one of the sacred and 4th largest religions in the world as the followers of Buddhism believe that human life is a form of suffering and one can attain enlightenment by practising meditation, a healthy attitude, spiritual and physical labour. Gautam Buddha who is one of the greatest sages and spiritual teachers introduced the culture and religion of Buddhism to the world. Pilgrims visit the holy sites of Buddhism to offer prayers and achieve blessings in their present life. Every Buddhist pilgrimage destination embraces and enriches the feeling of oneness, peace and compassion in the heart of the travellers.

Buddhism is followed in many countries such as India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and several other countries. Buddhism emerged in India and the reason behind it is 'Mahatma Buddha Shakyamuni'. Visiting the sacred places of Buddhism in India and Nepal which include Vaishali, Rajgir, Kapilavastu, Lumbini, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and other destinations will help devotees and tourists encourage more calm, optimism and understanding of both humanity and mother nature. From magnificent monasteries to breathtaking stupas, every destination has something to offer whether one is a spiritual seeker or an ardent traveller.

Popular Buddhist Tourist Destinations in India

Popular Buddhist
Tour Packages

lumbini image
$ 865
Land of Buddha
15 Nights / 16 Days
bodh-gaya image
$ 875
Buddhist Trails
14 Nights / 15 Days
buddha image
$ 865
Buddha's Footsteps
15 Nights / 16 Days
lumbini image
$ 1000
Encounters with Buddha
15 Nights / 16 Days
gangtok image
$ 338
Enchanting Gangtok
6 Nights / 7 Days